Primary Food: You Won’t Find It On Your Plate

Talking about nutrition can be tricky business. Joshua Rosenthal, founder of Institute For Integrative Nutrition, takes a bold look at the primary source of our nourishment.

When you think of Primary Food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A fresh, crisp salad? Or a bowl of fruit? Maybe an organic veggie stir fry over quinoa? Well, Joshua Rosenthal would ask you to take a step back from your plate, and think about the environment surrounding you.

relationships 933171_640Rosenthal’s theory is that Primary Food consists of four elements:

  • Relationships
  • Physical Activity
  • Career
  • Spirituality


Without these four elements operating at full tilt, you can eat plate after plate of nutritious food and still not be healthy. I love this approach to food and nourishment acknowledging that we have the power to create a healthy environment for ourselves.


Take a look around your world. How is your Primary Food source treating you?

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  1. Great post Deb, nourishment is not only about the food we put into our bodies but the environment we surround ourselves in too. 🙂
    Ian Campbell recently posted..Why You Need Your Own Website To Succeed OnlineMy Profile

  2. Joshua Rosenthal nailed it with his 4 elements of Primary Food, Deb. Sadly many of us stuff our plate with Career leaving little space for Relationships, Spirituality and especially Physical Activity.

    No wonder we experience burnout and stress. Time for a healthy & balanced plate!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted..5 Tips to manage Time TargetsMy Profile

  3. A very interesting approach to food and nourishment, Deb. I love the idea of including our environment, as this is something people so often overlook. In macrobiotic theory, how and where you eat is also very important. Chewing food with intention and gratitude. I believe these are component of Primary Foods as well, if I am understanding it correctly as well as adding our personal and work life as well. I look forward to reading more about Integrative Nutrition from you as you move through your training.
    Beverley Golden recently posted..You Should Take Fun More Seriously!My Profile

  4. The posting title initially had me thinking of edible food. But your 4 points are definitely food for thought.

  5. Great post Deb! I think I have all 4 of these primary food points right on my plate daily 🙂 Valuable tips 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!
    Joan Harrington recently posted..Must-Know Rules to Being a Successful Online Network MarketerMy Profile

  6. Yes, all the things you mentioned are very important for our health. I totally believe that. We always need to pay attention health as a whole package rather than each individual aspect. Thank you for sharing!
    Kaz recently posted..Top 3 Secrets You Want to Know to Improve and Maintain Your Fitness After 50 – Part 1/3My Profile

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