The Power of Curiosity

“cu·ri·os·i·ty (kyo͝orēˈäsədē) noun a strong desire to know or learn something”

playground-664884_1280Think back to the time when you were a young child and every day was filled with wonder. What would you discover? What would you do? Where would you go? The day was overflowing with questions to ask and ideas to explore – all before breakfast!

Kids are smart enough, and naïve enough, to keep asking questions (Why? What does that mean?) until the answers they receive make sense to them. As toddlers move through childhood, and as adolescents become adults we stop asking those questions as often as our toddler selves.

Why do we stop questioning? Is it because it’s not cool to ask questions? Is it embarrassing to acknowledge we don’t understand a concept, a word, the rationale for a policy? Do we fear rufflinlg feathers by asking why? How many times have you asked a co-worker why they’re doing something and gotten the response: “we’ve always done it this way”?

children-593313_1280 blogWhen our curious self responds to “we’ve always done it this way” with “how about if we look at another approach,” magic can happen. Curiosity keeps us engaged. Curiosity moves us to discover new solutions to age-old issues, whether at work, at home, or at play. So, please, bring back your inner two-year-old self and ask those questions: Why? What does that mean? And keep asking until you get an answer that makes sense to you. Maybe you’ll wake up the next day with a renewed sense of wonder and yearning to explore.

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Deb Nelson, principal of deb nelson consulting, is a creative storyteller. She designs and implements communication plans that leverage strategic partnerships and provide innovative solutions for her clients. You can find her on twitter at @nelliedeb.


  1. I must show this post to all the people who say to me “Do you have to ask so many questions?” I seem to have always been a voracious question asker and my curiosity never wanes. It’s so natural for me to almost rapid fire, move from one question to the next, in an effort to understand and to gather more information. I agree that bringing back childlike wonder is the way to “see” the world. The more engaged and curious we are, the more chance there is that our questions will lead to new ways of thinking and being. Another important thing I have learned on my own journey is that it is okay to live in the question. To not always find the answer immediately. To see what living in the question brings to you. For me, a day without questions would be very boring indeed. Here’s to wonder, curiosity and asking more questions! Thanks for sharing the reminder, Deb. The message is an important one for us all!
    Beverley Golden recently posted..More Women Should Call Themselves “Beautiful”My Profile

  2. Great post Deb, I must have never moved beyond my childhood in this respect as I still always question and I have a great curiosity for most things that just NEED to be answered. I really think those who lose this curiosity are missing out on a great part of life.
    Ian Campbell recently posted..4 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your WebsiteMy Profile

  3. Today, many of us curiosity seekers use google rather than ask. I ask & always did. In school, it made me look smart or at least interested while my friends wanted to escape. I spend a lot of time with 1 family member & I’ll ask her a zillion questions that I’m amazed she didn’t ask. An example is her kids took 3 kids & 2 dogs kayaking. I asked, how many kayaks did they use? She had no idea & that’s the way most of our conversations go.
    Roz Tanner Evans recently posted..GinaMy Profile

  4. Oh, I love to ask questions! I am a curious person by nature and this post is perfect! Thank you.
    Lori Ann recently posted..Tidying UpMy Profile

  5. Great point! I think being curious is very important and we lose it as we grow up. My daughter tries everything even though she fails many times. This is why she learns a lot and keep developing her skills. Also curiosity keeps us excited too! Thank you so much for sharing Deb!

    • Being around kids is a great way to remain curious – answer their questions makes us think of questions of our own. And, yes, curiosity keeps us excited about the world we’re in!!

  6. Hi Deb,
    Great post! Asking questions is always a good thing and being curious as we get older is a great thing! Means we are just human and want to know about stuff 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Joan Harrington recently posted..Greg BishopMy Profile

  7. Hi Deb,
    I definitely like asking questions, but being too inquisitive is something that can get under people’s skin. At least, this has been my experience, so I tend to tone it down a bit. Though, it’s not always good because I end-up missing some important information. So, more power to the curious! Best 🙂
    Renee Becket recently posted..sfshi.orgMy Profile

    • Hi Renee – it is tough to draw a balance sometimes. Some people definitely get irritated when people ask questions – sometimes I think it’s because they’re afraid to say they don’t know the answer. No problem, do some research – or ask some questions:)

  8. Great post. I love been curious about the world. I once had a friend say to me that she stopped learning at 30 years old. I thought how sad, how to sad to shut off everything in the world. How sad to stop being curious.
    Heather Cameron recently posted..2015 Monetize Your Passion SummitMy Profile

    • I agree 100% Heather. It’s so dangerous to stop asking questions at such a young age when there’s still so much to learn and share!

  9. As a business coach I have a natural curiosity. About 50% of what I do is about being an active, engaged listener. The other half is about being observant and asking good questions. This skill is also what makes me a great business analyst and consultant. I’m a big fan of the “5 Why” method of getting to the root of a problem. Often my clients only present the symptoms with little understanding of the actual issue at hand. Asking them “why” they believe something is happening forces them to pinpoint the true underlining problem.
    Coach Niquenya recently posted..Successful? 3 Dream Killing Reasons You’re NotMy Profile

    • Your listening skills are key as a business coach, and you’re putting them to good use every day. Your sense of curiosity is a real value for your clients helping them uncover their strengths and weaknesses. Keep on asking those wily questions!!

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