what we do

Simply put, deb nelson consulting helps people share their stories.

Telling the right stories to the right people is a key element to meeting your business goals. Deb helps you find and showcase the stories that will keep your business in the spotlight.

The scope of our work together is your call: we can conduct a communications audit to review the effectiveness of your past communication efforts. A good next step is to create a communication plan to serve as a guide throughout the year.

You’ve got a communications plan in place and need help with implementation and execution? Great! Deb can step in wherever you’d like some assistance: writing and distributing press releases, general media relations, arranging speaking engagements, writing social media content, monthly check-ins to keep you moving forward, etc.

In short, Deb helps you get on track and stay on track as you grow your business.

Create and implement a plan to reach your goals.