January’s Clean Slate: Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Recharge, Restart, and Reboot

Thanks to the Your Turn Blog Challenge, I’m on a roll. This is day four of the seven-day challenge. I’ve completed four blog posts, joined two blogging communities, and put an end to my drought in the blog-o-sphere. Like many people, I’m using the start of the new year as an opportunity to set some […]

The Sky’s the Limit When Your Board Has the Tools to Give You the Help You Need

Entering the new year is the perfect opportunity to press the reset button and recharge your nonprofit’s board of directors. By letting each member of your board know exactly what action they can take to help you reach your goals in 2014, you can put your plan into motion and make this year a successful […]

Staycation: Reflect, Recharge and Reconnect Close to Home

Southern Maine proved to be the perfect setting for an end-of-summer staycation for my husband and me. First up: beaches, of course, since we find nothing more relaxing than a multi-day beach tour.  Mother Nature cooperated, providing beautiful sunny days for the entire week, as we visited old favorites and added one more to our […]