Attitude of Gratitude: There’s a Lot to be Grateful for in my Life

Faceboook is overflowing with gratitude challenges. People are challenging their friends, family, and colleagues to identify those things in their lives for which they’re grateful. My friend, Maura Halkiotis, challenged me to identify and post three things I’m grateful for each day for five days. I altered the challenge a bit: here’s my list – all […]

TD Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race: There’s Room For Everyone at Joanie’s Run

Here it is Sunday night, the weekend’s winding down, and I’m watching the Boston Red Sox play those dreaded New York Yankees. While this is a good way to end the weekend (as long as the Red Sox win), I find myself thinking about yesterday’s TD Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race along the coast […]

Sweeping the Homeless Under the Rug

Yes, you read that headline correctly. And, yes, one of my favorite cities – Portland, Maine – is trying its very best to sweep the down and out under the rug. The Portland City Council has banned standing, sitting, parking, or driving on a median in response to the outrage expressed by the good people […]