Choosing Abundance

We make choices every day. And every day, I choose to live in a world of abundance. Sometimes it seems that we make our lives more complicated than we need to. How many small treats do we fail to notice / acknowledge when we focus on something larger than life? Get real. Life is a […]

Cancer Treatment: Imagine a Day When Treatment is Good for You

Imagine how your body would react… if you had a weekly appointment with a nutritionist instead of that surgery. Imagine how your body would react… if you had a weekly appointment with a fitness instructor instead of a chemo drip. Imagine how your body would react…  if you practiced meditation daily instead of opting for […]

Mom Was Right: Chew Your Food

Okay, so if your mother is anything like mine, maybe Mom was sort of right. My mother’s intention was for my siblings and me to chew our food long enough not to choke on it – a couple of quick chews and down the hatch. According to Jessica Porter, though, we should aim to chew […]

Cancer Treatment: What if We’re Headed Down the Wrong Path?

What if… Instead of pursuing a war against cancer that began more than 40 years ago, We celebrate and boost the power of our immune system? What if… Instead of focusing on surgery, chemo, and radiation for cancer treatment, We focus on nutrition, exercise, and stress-free living to boost our immune system? What if… Instead […]

Life-Changing Moment: Exploring New Territory in Nutrition

It still amazes me that such a simple, straight forward phrase would change my life: Interestingly, it is impossible for cancer to develop in an alkaline environment; When I came across these words in Brandon Brazier’s  book Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life , I was surprised that there […]