From Tragedy to Triumph: Holocaust Survivor Edith Lucas Pagelson

Edith wrote Against All Odds: A Miracle of Holocaust Survival for her children and grandchildren. She put the unthinkable into words, focusing on the power to persevere and underscoring that even when life looks bleak “you can overcome any challenge that life may present, and know that when there is life there is hope.” Through […]

Do You Know Your Audience(s)? Are You Sure?

When was the last time you confirmed whom you want to reach with your messaging? Has your business focus and audience changed / expanded / contracted over the past year? Your business is humming along. You’re meeting your sales goals. You’re following your business plan (or at least what you remember of your business plan). […]

Opportunity Knocks: Are You Brave Enough to Open the Door?

Will you venture outside of your comfort zone to take a chance on change? One of the most dangerous words in our vocabulary is comfortable. Life is rolling along at a pretty good pace; work is going well; family life is humming along, too. Yes, we’re comfortable. Now what? Will that comfortable feeling – no […]

Be Different

As we share the stories of our business, we’re encouraged – even pressured – to highlight the differences between our business and that of our competitors. Surprisingly, though, we’re still encouraged – even pressured – to blend into the crowd in our personal lives. So today, I invite you to join me in taking a […]

April Fool’s Challenge: Swim, Bike, or Run Every Day of the Month

Yes, once again I realize that desperate times call for desperate measures. After training for and running a 10-mile race last year, I sprained my ankle. What a great reason excuse to take a break from running. Whoops – it’s now been five months, and I’ve run no more than a dozen times: a far cry […]

Dreams Do Come True

Yes, these dreams we dream do come true. They don’t come true because we have a thought and throw it out to the universe. These dreams come true because we are moved to action to make sure they do come true. The first time I thought of writing a book, I was just a kid. […]

Choosing Abundance

We make choices every day. And every day, I choose to live in a world of abundance. Sometimes it seems that we make our lives more complicated than we need to. How many small treats do we fail to notice / acknowledge when we focus on something larger than life? Get real. Life is a […]

10 Tips to Get More Followers – Courtesy of Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

If sharing is caring, Kawasaki and Fitzpatrick are the King and Queen of caring. Hubspot’s Amanda Sibley hosted a webinar featuring Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick a/k/a The Dynamic Duo of Social Media. This was a no-nonsense webinar packed with useful information. Here are the Duo’s 10 Tips to Get More Followers: Be Valuable – Inform, […]

Wrestling with Your Approach to a Challenge? No Problem. Go Snowshoeing.

Here in the Northeast, we’ve been the recipients of an abundance of snow. It provides a beautiful landscape, opportunity for great recreation, and insight in approaching work challenges. Yes, that’s right. Snow is offering up assistance to work challenges – and I’m not talking taking the day off because there’s too much of this white […]

Lessons Learned From Accepting A Challenge

Winnie Kao dropped the gauntlet. She asked anyone and everyone to join her in blogging every day for a week. Many, including me, accepted her challenge. Making the commitment to blogging every day for seven days forced me to adjust my work schedule to write every day – weekends included. Yesterday I posted my blog […]