Cancer Treatment: Imagine a Day When Treatment is Good for You

Imagine how your body would react…

if you had a weekly appointment with a nutritionist instead of that surgery.

Photo from the American Cancer Society Website's Stay Healthy Section

Photo from the American Cancer Society Website’s Stay Healthy Section

Imagine how your body would react…

if you had a weekly appointment with a fitness instructor instead of a chemo drip.

Imagine how your body would react… 

if you practiced meditation daily instead of opting for radiation treatment.

Imagine how your body would react…

if you laughed a deep belly laugh every day instead of holding in your feelings.

Imagine how your body would react…

if you spent every with people who build you up instead of people who wear you down.

Imagine how your body would react…

if we follow this simple piece of advice from Hippocrates:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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  1. I hear you, Deb. Until one has experienced the pain and fear of cancer either in oneself or while supporting a loved one with cancer, we don’t realize how a simple life can be a good life.

    One more imagine – Imagine the day the cure for cancer will be found and made affordable to the whole world.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted..Are You the Missing Link on LinkedIn?My Profile

  2. I went through a breast cancer scare back in February and all that time waiting, I continued with my meditation, yoga, eating the same. I didn’t even contemplate anything else. Lucky for me, it turned out ok, but yes, could you imagine a world when we don’t worry about Cancer anymore?
    Gisele Grenier recently posted..How to Photograph your Pet for ArtworkMy Profile

  3. I can imagine this world very clearly, Deb! I have taken the road less often followed or recommended myself and know how much is possible when we take responsibility for our own health and find alternatives that offer hope and healing. The Hippocrates quote is one I literally just shared with people in the last week and I truly believe this and share this information with others all the time. This is a message that cannot be shared enough, so thank you for being one of the people who sees another way and encourages others to do the same!
    Beverley Golden recently posted..Kafka & Langer: A Highly Complex FriendshipMy Profile

  4. I imagine a lot of cancer sufferers would love to imagine they were able to do this. Holistic healing is a wonderful way to help combat Cancer, but I thought, and please correct me if I am wrong, that some cancer was hereditary and people were prone to them regardless of health. Would be a wonderful thing if we could rid the world of cancer. Cheers, Ian
    Ian Campbell recently posted..Writing Great Blog Posts – A Step By Step GuideMy Profile

    • Hi Ian – yes, heredity and genetics do play a role in our health, but not nearly as large a role as was once thought. Our habits become our health (cancer may run in a family because of poor eating / exercise habits, exposure to chemicals, etc). So…there are many paths to health; we each need to explore how we got into our health predicament and make the choice that’s best for us. Thanks for asking that question – and, yes, I do believe we can rid the world of cancer.
      Deb Nelson recently posted..Three Lessons Salt Institute Has Taught UsMy Profile

  5. So many things influence the possibilities of having to deal with Cancer as Deb says and unfortunately some are out of our control.

    I remember my first full time job which was not in the healthiest environments. Listening to the guys that had put in 25, 30 or 40 years and not wanting to retire because the record for life after retirement was 2 to 3 years tops. That told me to find something different to do in my life.

    I left 2 months later, best decision I ever made.
    Joe Butka recently posted..How to Build Customer TrustMy Profile

  6. Imagine if we all lived this way without a diagnosis of cancer. Imagine if we erased the disease from our lives and from our dictionary. Great post.

  7. Hi Deb,
    Great food for thought 🙂 Makes more sense to think like this. Helps with keeping a positive outlook!! Great share!
    Joan Harrington recently posted..Review Of Insta Lead MagicMy Profile

  8. This is very powerful. I was diagnosed blood cancer last May and it changed my perception…. It was 1 million dollar experience but I would pay for 5 cents to go through again. Everything is good now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Kaz recently posted..Lower Back Pain, Poor Balance… Why? – Should Know About Core StabilityMy Profile

  9. Simple but true! I’ve always believed you are what you eat! Eat well, along with regular exercise, water and high-quality supplementation and it’s a home run to healthy! Most of us have seen family and friends needlessly suffer with a chronic degenerative disease such as cancer and witnessed first hand how it compromises their entire quality of life! I would much rather be off running a 2k than chemo. I would much rather look forward to grandkids than the graveyard! So as much as I can I’m letting food be my medicine and medicine be my food! Thanks Deb for reinforcing this essential philosophy to health and longevity. 🙂
    Michelle Williams recently posted..Why Self-Love Should Be The Centre Of Your Life!My Profile

  10. Robin Strohmaier

    Hi Deb,

    This is very thought provoking and powerful! Yes, I can image a world like this. Even more, a world without cancer and a day when money is not a barrier to good health.

  11. I can imagine such a world. My friend has battled breast cancer twice, and it was her faith and “good living” (and God’s touch) that helped her win. Twice. Powerful writing, Deb.
    Liz Benoit Cozby recently posted..A Letter to My Teenaged SelfMy Profile


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