Lessons Learned From Accepting A Challenge

Winnie Kao dropped the gauntlet. She asked anyone and everyone to join her in blogging every day for a week. Many, including me, accepted her challenge. Making the commitment to blogging every day for seven days forced me to adjust my work schedule to write every day – weekends included. Yesterday I posted my blog […]

January’s Clean Slate: Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Recharge, Restart, and Reboot

Thanks to the Your Turn Blog Challenge, I’m on a roll. This is day four of the seven-day challenge. I’ve completed four blog posts, joined two blogging communities, and put an end to my drought in the blog-o-sphere. Like many people, I’m using the start of the new year as an opportunity to set some […]

What’s Stopping You From Sharing Your Story? Maybe Seth Godin Can Help.

Got a great idea that you haven’t quite been able to put into action? Oh, yes, there are plenty of reasons to wait before sharing your genius with the world: You need to do more research You’re not an expert. No one will understand your idea. That self-doubt knows just when to show up to […]