Focus, Finish, Follow-Up: My Three Words for 2016

Perhaps Pablo Picasso said it best: “What one does counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.” I would hasten to add, however, that our dreams are much more likely to happen if we set and state our intentions. It seems that clean slates, fresh starts, and big dreams are the buzz as we enter the […]

Five Reasons Listening to Podcasts is NOT a Waste of Time

I know, I know. We’ve already got sooo many social channels vying for our time, and then there’s traditional media still keeping us entertained. So why add podcasts to the mix? Trust me, you’ll thank me for giving you a few excuses reasons to tune in to the podcast of your choice. Podcasts have been […]

Choosing Abundance

We make choices every day. And every day, I choose to live in a world of abundance. Sometimes it seems that we make our lives more complicated than we need to. How many small treats do we fail to notice / acknowledge when we focus on something larger than life? Get real. Life is a […]

The Sky’s the Limit When Your Board Has the Tools to Give You the Help You Need

Entering the new year is the perfect opportunity to press the reset button and recharge your nonprofit’s board of directors. By letting each member of your board know exactly what action they can take to help you reach your goals in 2014, you can put your plan into motion and make this year a successful […]

Mom Was Right: Chew Your Food

Okay, so if your mother is anything like mine, maybe Mom was sort of right. My mother’s intention was for my siblings and me to chew our food long enough not to choke on it – a couple of quick chews and down the hatch. According to Jessica Porter, though, we should aim to chew […]