Loon Echo Land Trust and Jon Evans: Stewardship at its Best

Balancing conservation, stewardship, and economic development
is no easy task; Loon Echo Land Trust and Jon Evans make it look easy.

As I sit warm and cozy working in my living room with blizzard conditions outside my window, it’s hard to believe I had to trade in my snowshoes for crampons a mere four days ago because of a lack of snow. Yes, people, be careful what you wish for!

The view from Bald Pate was a pretty one even with limited visibility. Falling snowflakes made for a winter wonderland.

Even with limited visibility, the view from Bald Pate was beautiful. Snowflakes added to the fun.

Saturday a group of nine joined Jon Evans, Loon Echo Land Trust’s (LELT)
Stewardship Manager, for a hike to the summit at Bald Pate. With an elevation of 300 feet, Evans chose a hike to encourage newcomers to join the ranks of skilled hikers. The first bonus for all of us joining Evans was the history and land use knowledge that Evans shared with us. We learned about prior use of land; how LELT came to protect certain pieces of land; why connected pieces of land are so important to the community (wildlife) in the protected land; the services LELT helps provide to area residents; visitors and visitors; and so much more. Evans’ knowledge of the area was surpassed only by his enthusiasm to protect the land and provide opportunities for all of us to enjoy the properties LELT protects.

The second bonus was having Leigh Hayes join us. Hayes is Education Director for Greater Lovell Land Trust and a Board Member of Lakes Environmental Association. Hayes got down on her hands and knees to examine sample after sample of scat. Who knew that much data was in poop! Hayes was the perfect complement to Evans – their combined knowledge of the great outdoors is quite impressive.

This was my first experience with LELT; I’m looking forward to learning more about this land trust and participating in more of the organization’s hikes and programs. Give them a like on Facebook. If you’re living in or visiting the State of Maine, check them out and let me know if you agree that this organization has a handle on its stewardship role.

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