Choosing Abundance

We make choices every day. And every day, I choose to live in a world of abundance.

Sometimes it seems that we make our lives more complicated than we need to. How many small treats do we fail to notice / acknowledge when we focus on something larger than life?

Get real. Life is a series of little moments. Make the most of your moments by having some lighthearted fun.

In The Art of Abundance, Candy Paull suggests that we if we actually focus on these small joys, we’ll realize what a world of abundance we have surrounding us:

Abundance is . . . a wiggling tail-wagging puppy.Art of Abundance

Abundance is . . . learning how to ride a bike.

Abundance is . . . air-conditioning in a hot climate.

Abundance is . . . a pure white seashell you discover on the beach.

Paull also proposes that we spend entirely too much time “waiting for tomorrow.” Lessons here? Open your eyes, appreciate what’s right in front of you, do not become paralyzed by fear. In this world where we have so many choices, the only wrong choice is making no choice at all.

So…get out there, play while you’re at work, and write the story of your life that suits you best.

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Deb Nelson, principal of deb nelson consulting, is a creative storyteller. She designs and implements communication plans that leverage strategic partnerships and provide innovative solutions for her clients. You can find her on twitter at @nelliedeb.


  1. I learned a long time ago the difference between coming from scarcity vs abundance. When we live in abundance, there is so much possibility, actions one can take, paths to travel. I saw the results or lack of results being guided by scarcity.

  2. Life is filled with small moments and I love the idea of savouring even the tiniest of them as contributing to our abundance. I had one of them yesterday, when I was able to ask a simple question/request and the result was a wonderful person who offered me my organic chicken at an incredible price. Small and insignificant to some, however, it meant a lot to me. Sometimes I see these moments not as much about abundance but about the little things that bring me happiness. And I agree that choosing something means we are on the playing field and open to have both small and large moments of wonder and abundance. As an Aquarian I am very much about the “bigger the better” picture, so staying in the moment and finding small joys is a lesson I have practiced and learned over time.
    Beverley Golden recently posted..Real Beauty Comes from the Inside OutMy Profile

    • Looks like you live a good life – appreciating the simple pleasures while keeping your eye on long-term goals. No easy task, for sure.

  3. Such a lovely post. I agree, if we focus on the small things, it adds so much joy to our life. Some times, unfortunately, we only realize this, once it is gone. When I find something a challenge, I open my eyes and look for the precious things around me that truly bring me happiness. It’s just to learn how to do this more often. 🙂
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Organo Gold Reviewed by Parenting HealthyMy Profile

  4. Yes! Abundance is a choice. I strongly believe that each of us is exactly where we are in life due to the choices we make, whether good, bad, or ugly. If you set different expectations for yourself and your life, then you will create different circumstances. I choose to live in expectation of abundance.
    Coach Niquenya recently posted..3 Simple Words to Create Mindset ShiftMy Profile

  5. Love it! Just this week I posted a quote with the same sentiment: Don’t miss all the beautiful colours of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold. Author Unknown

    Your blog absolutely captures this. Sometimes we’re so busy chopping the wood, we sadly miss the forest! I was guilty of this myself and spent way too much time waiting for tomorrow! Thankfully I no longer put off tomorrow what I can do today and so embrace the very essence of live by living in the moment. And what an abundance of gifts are found in the moment of Now! As you say in your blog, it’s the simple things like a wiggling puppy tail or learning to ride a bike that can bring the greatest amount of joy.

    Unfortunately for most, such precious moments get lost in the every day demands of life, and as a result life looses its meaning. So thank you Deb for reminding us how important the little joys in life really are when we celebrate them in the Moment.
    Michelle Williams recently posted..Why Self-Love Should Be The Centre Of Your Life!My Profile

  6. It’s funny because just today, before reading your post, I realized that keeping a full pantry and a fridge full of goodies, makes your home happy and abundant. I agree that every bit makes a difference. Whether it is those bit of thoughts, bit of feelings, bits of food, if you care to appreciate it all, you’ll have a sense of growing abundance!

  7. So, can I tell my boss you said I should play at work? 😉 I loved this “Abundance is . . . a pure white seashell you discover on the beach.” For the past year, I’ve been picturing myself back at the beach – but to live, not just visit. It’s time to set things in motion to make that a reality!!
    Hazel recently posted..Renting an apartment in ParisMy Profile

  8. Hi Deb,

    Fantastic post on choosing abundance 🙂 Choosing abundance is key to living a life of true happiness! Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!
    Joan Harrington recently posted..How To Utilize Affiliate Sales On Your BlogMy Profile

  9. You are so right! We spend a lot of time worrying about tomorrow (or even the past). These have either already happened or have yet to happen. What we DO have control over is what is happening NOW – the present. And seeing the good in what we have and feeling gratitude really fosters the feeling of abundance. It’s a great angle from which to view the world! Thank you for sharing this post!
    A. Lynn Jesus recently posted..Hurry Up… And WaitMy Profile

  10. Living in appreciation of the little moments is so important. Life isn’t always easy but even in the difficult times there can be joy. I’m attending 2 funerals this week, one was yesterday, a man who was 52, way too young. The other later this week, a man who lived a good life in his 80’s. There is grief for the loss and joy for the memories.

    I think it so important to live in the moment with an eye on the future. To see the joys and pleasures that are and be open to what can and will be.
    Heather Cameron recently posted..5 Ways to Make Your Blog Work for You!My Profile

    • Great insight Heather. We recently celebrated my mother-in-law’s life: she died at the age of 93 after living a wonderful life that included two wonderful marriages and four adoring sons. She was active in her community up until the age of 90 – what a legacy she’s left with the reminder to follow her lead and live every day to its fullest!

  11. Hi Deb,
    Nice reminder of how we take things such as abundance for granted. I am guilty of not always focusing what’s in front of me and getting pre-occupied with what’s next.
    Thank you for sharing!

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