Dreams Do Come True

Yes, these dreams we dream do come true. They don’t come true because we have a thought and throw it out to the universe. These dreams come true because we are moved to action to make sure they do come true. The first time I thought of writing a book, I was just a kid. […]

Asking Bold Questions Following A Cancer Diagnosis

It’s easy to get thrown into a tailspin upon learning that you’ve got cancer, and it’s really challenging to get the information you need to make the best choices to heal your cancer. For more than three years, I’ve been talking with cancer survivors, attending conferences, reading book after book after book, and scouring the interwebs for […]

Cancer Treatment: Imagine a Day When Treatment is Good for You

Imagine how your body would react… if you had a weekly appointment with a nutritionist instead of that surgery. Imagine how your body would react… if you had a weekly appointment with a fitness instructor instead of a chemo drip. Imagine how your body would react…  if you practiced meditation daily instead of opting for […]

Cancer Treatment: What if We’re Headed Down the Wrong Path?

What if… Instead of pursuing a war against cancer that began more than 40 years ago, We celebrate and boost the power of our immune system? What if… Instead of focusing on surgery, chemo, and radiation for cancer treatment, We focus on nutrition, exercise, and stress-free living to boost our immune system? What if… Instead […]

Sock Monkeys Against Cancer – Let’s Bring Them to Life

Cancer is serious business; these cute, cuddly monkeys with wild hair bring a ray of sunshine along with a big dose of humor and hope to cancer patients. They are the creation of Jennifer Windrum in response to her mother’s lung cancer diagnosis. Why SMAC: Sock Monkeys Against Cancer? Windrum and her mother, Leslie Lehrman, […]