On World Cancer Day, This Book Title Speaks For All of Us: F*ck Off Cancer

Today, February 4, 2016 is World Cancer Day. “Taking place under the tagline ‘We can. I can.’, World Cancer Day 2016-2018 will explore how everyone – as a collective or as individuals – can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer.” Linda Brossi Murphy faced breast cancer with a heaping dose of humor and […]

Got A Beef With Meat?

There is no shortage of diet options for us to choose from: vegetarian, vegan, paleo, paleo vegan, macrobiotic, Mediterranean, raw, high fat, low fat, high carb, low carb, and on and on. Can’t we just eat food. Hmmm…now we’re talking. What’s the purpose of our food? Pleasure? Nourishment? Both? Rip Esselstyn’s book, My Beef With […]

Joe Biden’s Moonshot Needs More than $2 Billion

Timing, as they say, is everything. Last week I published a blog post – Is It Time to Rethink Our Approach to Cancer Treatment? – hours before President Obama’s state of the union address. During that address, the president announced that Vice President Joe Biden would lead a new initiative to end cancer. Listening to the […]

Is it Time to Rethink Our Approach to Cancer Treatment?

Richard Nixon declared war on cancer as he signed the cancer act in 1971 stating, “for those who have cancer and who are looking for success in this field, they at least can have the assurance that everything that can be done by government, everything that can be done by voluntary agencies in this great, […]

Strong Partnerships Helping Cancer Patients

Know someone who’s healing from a cancer diagnosis? You might want to check out your local YMCA. LiveSTRONG and YMCAs have had a strong partnership since 2008. This partnership underscores important knowledge about healing from cancer: cancer patients need community support and healing cancer is a long-term process. Riding past my local Y last week, […]

Relying Too Much on Technology? Maybe Low Tech is the Way to Go.

While traveling last week, I decided to rent a bike to get some exercise and take advantage of the warm weather. What a valuable lesson it turned out to be. The only bikes available while equipped with old-school baskets and kickstands were lacking in handbrakes and gears. I hopped on this beauty of a bike […]

Primary Food: You Won’t Find It On Your Plate

Talking about nutrition can be tricky business. Joshua Rosenthal, founder of Institute For Integrative Nutrition, takes a bold look at the primary source of our nourishment. When you think of Primary Food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A fresh, crisp salad? Or a bowl of fruit? Maybe an organic veggie stir fry over […]

Loving the Journey of Life-Long Learning

Opportunity after opportunity presents itself to each of us to expand our knowledge, deepen our expertise, and enrich our lives. Make sure you’re paying attention when opportunity knocks. When I was in my mid-40s I went back to school, earning a master’s degree in public policy and management. That degree was instrumental in advancing my […]

What if There’s No Reason to Fear Cancer?

“All you have to do is understand what cancer is and why it happens, and that puts you in control.” Raymond Francis, M.Sc in his book, Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer.   The title of Raymond Francis’s book makes quite a statement: Never Fear Cancer Again. Really? Well, let’s see… […]

Jon Huntsman, Sr.: On a Mission to Cure Cancer

Four-time cancer survivor Jon Huntsman’s willingness to spend his last dollar in search of a cure for cancer may prove that the cure isn’t all about money. A man of integrity, Jon Huntsman, Sr. recently shared the story of his dreams and accomplishments in his book Barefoot to Billionaire: Reflections on a Life’s Work and […]