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Need Funding? Make. Every. Word. Count.

Whether your goal is to bring your entrepreneurial vision to the masses or carry out the mission of a nonprofit, your success in the search for funds will undoubtedly rest upon your ability to develop and share a good story. Just how do you craft that story? No problem here thanks to Seth Rigoletti of […]

You’re Blogging. Anyone Listening? Five Tips to Build Your Blog’s Traffic.

You’ve made the commitment to blogging. You’ve even put it on your calendar and have become a blog-writing machine. One blog post a day. No topic is off limits. All of a sudden, you lift your head up and wonder why your readership is so low and, holy cow, why no one has commented on […]

Collaborating for Good to Take the Mystery Out of Video Production

If only all meetings could be this effective! Offered free of charge, Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story…Through Video exceeded all expectations. Andrea Berry and Kyle Andrei of Idealware and Maine Association of Nonprofits served up a winner, providing:   Tips and tools for video production Examples  of powerful messages delivered through video Options for sharing videos […]

Coffee, Business, and a Side of Advice

On your first visit to Perk Coffee Bar and Café, it will seem as though you’re catching up with a comfortable old friend. This café seems to have it all for those of us who rely on coffee shops to provide a satellite office: Great coffee Variety of snacks Wi-Fi Inviting atmosphere Energy from a […]

My Relationship with the Red Sox: 45 Years and Going Strong

Who would have thought that one of the longest-standing relationships in my life would be with the Red Sox – those boys of summer who, for decades, came oh-so-close to winning it all? My first memories of the Red Sox date back to 1967 when my parents were building our house. With the frame complete […]

Experiencing Writer’s Block? Laugh It Off

There you are: sitting at your keyboard after eliminating every distraction known to man. You’ve exited out of email, LinkedIn, facebook and even twitter. Coffee and snacks by your side, you’re ready to go. Except. Well. No words are flowing. Your mind has gone blank and your fingers are hovering over the keys, waiting for […]

Life-Changing Moment: Exploring New Territory in Nutrition

It still amazes me that such a simple, straight forward phrase would change my life: Interestingly, it is impossible for cancer to develop in an alkaline environment; When I came across these words in Brandon Brazier’s  book Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life , I was surprised that there […]

Three Tips for Sharing Your Story: It’s All About Your Audience

Lead Big or Go Home. Draw your listener in with the unexpected. A young man who was in treatment for substance abuse got the attention of his audience with his opening statement: “I come from a very loving family.” That was the last thing this group expected to hear as an opening line; and by […]