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Relying Too Much on Technology? Maybe Low Tech is the Way to Go.

While traveling last week, I decided to rent a bike to get some exercise and take advantage of the warm weather. What a valuable lesson it turned out to be. The only bikes available while equipped with old-school baskets and kickstands were lacking in handbrakes and gears. I hopped on this beauty of a bike […]

Right Brain + Left Brain = Magic for Your Brand

Traveling from Maine to Florida today offered up an opportunity for me to delve into a book I’ve had on my nightstand for a couple of months now. Tracy Carlson’s What Great Brands Know: Unleash Your Right-Brain Genius to Stand Out and Make Customers Care was more than entertaining or enlightening. While reading this book […]

Morning Routine Leads to Success

For the past five years, I’ve turned my back on routines. Spontaneity has been my routine of choice. Suddenly, though, I find myself bumping into bloggers and speakers who are underscoring the importance of having a morning routine. Hmmm…maybe it’s time for me to listen. Playwright, filmmaker, and bestselling author Julia Cameron suggests writing what […]

The Power – And Danger – Of Labeling People

When I think of labels, I think of shelves. Shelves of groceries – inanimate objects that provide varying degrees of nutrition. These labels include ingredients contained in the “food” product, the caloric value, fat content, and other nutrition facts. Labels make things easy, especially one-word labels: They compartmentalize people and objects for us. That means […]

Are Your Goals as Sweet as Halloween Candy?

Whether you’re talking personal or professional goals, they’ve got to light a fire under you the way Halloween candy motivates kids. How much time do you spend setting goals for your business and personal lives? And do you stack the deck in your favor by limiting the challenging goals so that you’ll be able to […]

Looking at Everyday Items Through a New Lens

Does the idea of wearing clothing made out of household gadgets and gizmos sound unrealistic to you? It would have to me if I hadn’t seen a remarkable exhibit of work by students from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Strolling aimlessly to kill a little time before a reception, I was immediately drawn to […]

Primary Food: You Won’t Find It On Your Plate

Talking about nutrition can be tricky business. Joshua Rosenthal, founder of Institute For Integrative Nutrition, takes a bold look at the primary source of our nourishment. When you think of Primary Food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A fresh, crisp salad? Or a bowl of fruit? Maybe an organic veggie stir fry over […]

Loving the Journey of Life-Long Learning

Opportunity after opportunity presents itself to each of us to expand our knowledge, deepen our expertise, and enrich our lives. Make sure you’re paying attention when opportunity knocks. When I was in my mid-40s I went back to school, earning a master’s degree in public policy and management. That degree was instrumental in advancing my […]

Is Inconsistent Messaging Turning Clients Away?

Know. Like. Trust. Buy.   You’re getting to know people via social media, traditional media, and even that old-school, in-person networking. What happens, though, when your messaging misses the mark? Will people stick around if your actions don’t sync up with your words? Probably not. As I walked into one of my favorite coffee shops last […]

Three Lessons Salt Institute Has Taught Us

When the dust settles and Salt Institute’s fate is sealed, this story will make one heck of a case study. Let me introduce you to Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (Salt). Information from the About page on its website says that Salt is: a non-profit school in Portland, Maine offering semester-long intensive programs in documentary […]